March 2022: Sinibaldi and Trappmann

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ice Age Florida: In Story and Art
Robert Sinibaldi, PhD (author) and Hermann Trappman (artist)

Florida’s Ice Age was vastly different from what the North experienced. Ice Age Florida: In Story and Art investigates the fascinating fossil record and prehistory of the Gulf Coast compared to what most envision when the term Ice Age comes up. The book opens with the logistics of the last ice age, then proceeds through the stories of over 25 animals, beginning with Titanis walleri at the beginning of the Ice Age and ending with Florida’s First Paleo-Peoples as the Ice Age comes to a close. Accompanying the dialog is the incredible illustrations and artwork of Hermann Trappman.

Robert Sinibaldi is an amateur paleontologist and the author of four books on paleontology. In 2012 he was the recipient of the prestigious Howard Converse Award from the University of Florida’s Paleontology Department for his contributions to the field of paleontology in Florida. In 2001 he was elected President of the Tampa Bay Fossil club, the world’s largest amateur paleontological association at the time, he remains on their board of directors to this time.

In the late 70’s Hermann Trappman studied art at the Haus der Kunst (House of Arts) in Munich Germany. His varied background includes work as a forensic artist for the medical examiner’s office in Pinellas County, graphic illustrator for the Florida Frontier Gazette, and artist for the Trail of Florida Indian Heritage brochures. His illustrations of Florida’s First Peoples have been exhibited throughout the southeast. Recently he created a series of illustrations for TUSKS! Ice Age Florida Mammoths and Mastodons.

This program is sponsored by the Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society, and the Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education.