FEBRUARY 2020: Phyllis E. Kolianos, AWIARE

Thursday, February 20 at 7 PM – 8 PM at Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center

Investigations into the Archaeology of the Anclote River Region

Phyllis E. Kolianos, AWIARE

Within Central Peninsula Gulf Coast, the archaeology of the Anclote River is understudied and underreported relative to other population centers. In the late 1800s, S. T. Walker and F. H. Cushing noted the importance of the mounds and pre-Columbian sites on the banks of the river, and both investigated the Safford (Ormond) Mound, 8PI3, near the upstream riverine system, a reused burial mound dating over 1,500 years. Almost 20 years of investigations into the archaeology of the Anclote River region reveal some important results that support recent research at other major sites and suggest shifting population settlements and sea-level change.

Phyllis received her BA and MA degrees from the University of South Florida in Applied Anthropology, and in 2009 received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the USF, Department of Anthropology. In her past position with Pinellas County, she supported the archaeological programs and activities at Weedon Island Preserve and was instrumental in the establishment of the Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education, Inc. (AWIARE) and their research station at the Preserve. Kolianos has worked for many years with the investigation and recording of area sites, and has been active with public archaeology projects, grants, and archaeological research projects involving Weedon Island’s cultural resources and other lands within Pinellas County. Her most recent and ongoing project is the archaeology of the Anclote River region.

This program is sponsored by the Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society, and the Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education.